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The Yonex AC334EX portable badminton net is 3m (10’) wide and height adjustable from 1.15m (4’) to 1.55m (5’) which makes it half the size of regular court. This durable nylon net has steel posts that ensure maximum stability. It is very easy to assemble and dis-assemble and works on any flat surface, be it grass or concrete. The net is supplied with carry bag for easy and comfortable transportation. It is the ultimate choice for leisure players who do not need regular size net.

  • Half Court Size
  • Includes carry bag
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Can also be used for training and coaching
  • Easy to setup - Steel poles (20mm in diameter with 1.5mm thickness)
  • Height -115 - 155 cm
  • Width - 300 cm
  • Weight - 4.30kgs


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